Jan. 12th. 2013 was our celebrated anniversary
marking 16 full years of venue ownership & operation.
Opening The Little Vegas Coffeehouse est. 1996 on Elm st. in Manchester
followed by The Narrow Way Cafe in 1997, Cafe Eclipse in concord 1998, and Drifters in Nashua feb. of 2001
have been without a doubt, 16 Unforgettable years leading up to &
making GROUND ZERO All Ages live music and art venue in Allenstown NH
what now appears to be our FINAL live music venture, in a long line of cherished teen center venues

we have been truly blessed to provide these venues for original bands and solo performers
to showcase their talents to a vast all ages audience of music loving concert goers.

Striving for years, to create and open multiple venues one after another
in order to keep kids safe off the streets & entertained
has been our great privilege and honor, one that we always remained true to.

Never compromising in what we felt called to do..... finally with mixed feelings and heavy hearts
we raise our white flag of surrender to the crushing economy and technological monster
which have played the largest role in the closing of GROUND ZERO
March 29 - 31 Easter weekend of 2013

We can never quite begin to thank everyone who has been part of our lives for the past 16 years
in this business.
Booking over 15 thousand local, regional, and national acts
while promoting and hosting thousands of teen music events
has been an extremely HUGE undertaking on the part of this family
and those who have helped us make each and every event, one to remember.

We faced many walls of opposition, but each and every wall was utterly blown apart by the power of
God and the direction of His spirit
We feel now with this current financial struggle, heavy hearted that this day has come
but content in this truth and reality, if God had it planned for GROUND ZERO
to remain here and now, He would have demolished this wall too
providing a way for us to keep the venue open.

We give all credit and glory to God for providing for this family minute by minute, day after day
making it possible for us to open venue after venue, while raising the 4 beautiful children
He has blessed us with.

Despite the financial loss and Our inability to keep GROUND ZERO open
our great love for music & youth will remain deep routed in our hearts and souls.

Thank each and every one of you for AMAZING memories that we will cherish for years to come.
Please pray for our family as we begin this journey on a new unfamiliar path.

many blessings to you our friends!
stay positive and fight with all your might
to overcome every negative obstacle in your lives!

Starr, Christian, and the fantastic four! ;)

GROUND ZERO has always been funded out of pocket.
this venue is NOT funded by church or government.
We are now faced with GROUND ZERO Closing Easter weekend 2013
PLEASE EMAIL US AT: booking@groundZZZero.com

catering primarily to teens, yet "ALL AGES" are welcome!

NH's longest running consecutive chain of ALL AGES ORIGINAL music and art venues!.
1998-2003 W/ CAFE ECLIPSE
2001-2007 W/ DRIFTERS
& Ending W/ GROUND ZERO in ALLENSTOWN NH. 2008-2013.

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Hey Christian
it's a massive shame to hear that Ground Zero will be coming to an end.
You and your family have created a place for kids to go and be themselves
and feel comfortable while watching their favorite bands.
You've also provided an unmatched sense of welcome for bands
big and small in a scene that has otherwise become dismal.
When Vallon was still young and faceless and trying to make a name for ourselves,
Drifters was a venue that took us on
and gave us a chance to play our music outside of our basement.
The New England scene is taking a massive hit
losing Ground Zero, and your presence.
I hope the future holds better things for you and your family...
and I'm sorry to hear that the economy won this one.
Take care, hope all is always well.
- Jimmy and Vallon

Ground Zero was a place where I really felt at home.
A place where I could go to meet new people, or re connect with old friends.
a place where I could let all of my stress from my outside life out,
in any way I wanted, and not be judged for doing so.
I have so many memories that i collected from the short amount of time that I spent there,
but I will carry them with me for the rest of my life.
Thank you for keeping this place thru out the years,
it means a lot to all of us.


On Behalf Of Everyone From The Band A Cry On Deaf Ears
We Would Just Like To Say Thank You So Much For The Outstanding Hospitality,
Great Sound Quality, And For Welcoming Us Like One Of Your Own.
We Hope To Be Playing And BookinG With You Tons More In The Future.
So Again, Thank You For The Support And Letting Us PLay At Your Venue
P.s. Your Sound Guy Is An Amazing Dude :)
Sincerely, a cry on deaf ears(acode)

It is nice to see
that there are people out there who care about what's going on.
Especially the owner of one of our favorite venues EVER!
(Seriously, no place that we played down South came even CLOSE
to being as comfortable as GZ for us!)

Brother, you have no idea how much You and your family blessed We As Human,
it is such a privilege and an honor to be welcomed into someones home
and being made to feel like family. We spend a great deal of time away from our own families
(as you well know) that when people like yourself open your doors
it gives us a much welcomed comfort.
Not to mention the VERY AWESOME gift you and Star set us off with,
Just know that it touched us deeply and we will not soon forget it.
So again we tip our hat to you Brother (You and your family),
God Bless, we will speak again real soon.
Steven M. Rediker - Manager / We As Human

We wanted to thank you for having us play at GZ.
It was an awesome first show for us and it was a pleasure working with you.
The sound quality in there is outstanding!
Thank you very much.
The Mary Bell Conviction

My son played a show at your venue last night, From Dusk till Dawn. He is the drummer.
My husband and I went to the show and I wanted you to know what a great time we had!
The music was at a level that was enjoyable, but not too loud. The sound was very well done
and the lighting was also well done.
I was impressed that there was no vulgar language any where! How refreshing!!
Thanks for having a safe place for our 16 year old son to go and listen to music and also play!
I will keep your place in mind when we send donations and also let other parents know
about your awesome place for their children to attend and have a safe, fun time!
Thanks for an enjoyable evening,
Barbara Kisiel

completely understandable man, We would have no problem with having to sell 20 tickets,
especially if it means we get to play at Ground Zero again,
I can't express how awesome your venue is haha.
But yeah, we are completely on board with your new booking policy
and we would love to play any show.
Tom (A Desolate Age)

ah, cool, i wasnt aware of your connections with ballast.
yeah they are awesome dudes, to play with, and just in general.
we totally understand about the tickets, and we dont mind selling them at all.
we hope this will help you guys, you have a great venue.
-zach (Twisted Legacy)

this is Connor of From Here Down - thanks again for having us the other night!
Anyway, I was thinking, as I record more and more bands I'm starting to get bigger
and more well known throughout the NH scene,
so I figure you and I should start getting tight... us New Hampshire music guys should stick together!
I'm sure there are ways we can help each other out.
Obviously you can help us by getting us shows and whatnot -
I personally give you a lot of credit for helping the band - Our Last Night get where they are,
I remember you getting them on all the really solid shows and whatnot.
Hopefully you can help us out like that too.
I'm not sure what I can do to help you out but if there's anything you can think of just let me know man.
I have a full fledged studio(you will hear what I can do when Ballast's new record drops),
a pretty decent band, and a desire to see the NH music scene get better and better.
-Connor (From Here Down )

I always love playing at Ground Zero,
and I cannot express how good you and your family
have been to me and how truly grateful I am and will always be.
I'd really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart
for giving me the chance to perform at Ground Zero twice already.
It really means a lot to me what you've done for me.
I completely support what you do, so thank you :)
Hopefully I'll be able to play at GZ at some point in the near future!
-Ian (The City View )

Hi Christian!
Well, I can say that if anyone deserves encouragement,
it's you and your family. You are doing something so wonderful for the community,
Not only by providing a place for people to gather and share their love for music,
but also for giving kids a safe, clean, and positive place to go.
The world needs more people like you and your beautiful family in it!

I have thought about the whole idea and concept of Ground Zero.
From what I understand, money has been an issue with keeping Ground Zero alive.
URSA did have the chance to play there at the 1ST. Allenstown location,
and I think that you and your family are doing something absolutely great! .
It is obvious to me that the people who attend the shows there truly appreciate the venue,
and I personally think that it's fantastic that you guys are there to support the scene,
even despite the current financial rut that everyone is unfortunately stuck in.
I just wanted to give my utmost thanks to you and your family
for maintaining an AWESOME venue, and for keeping the local music scene alive!.
If there is ANYTHING I can do to help Ground Zero stay above water,
I would be glad to be a part of it! . I hope to see you soon on another date!


Christian... thanks for the goodwill!...
glad you're still burning bright, my friend...
Your Father loves you, buddy..
pax Chtisti,
bill ( BILL V.O.L. )

I know its tough on you guys, i cant seem to understand why bands
aren't jumping all over ground zero to play shows there!
you have put together such an amazing venue. i know your a busy man,
maybe you should find some younger kids in the scene, to help spread the word of ground zero?
get all the newer young bands in the know of the place.
i just posted a bulletin telling NH locals to check out ground zero's site and book a show with you.
be in touch soon, keep your head up!

Thank you so much Christian & Starr for having us on the grand opening show tonight.
We had an amazing time and I think that it was an awesome turnout.
I would also like to thank you very letting me be a huge part of getting Ground Zero back on its feet.
I feel so blessed to have been able to put my heart and sole into this amazing venue
which my band considers home. You two care about the New Hampshire music scene so much
and all I can say is thank God for you too. Because if it weren't for you two
we would have no reason to do what we do and strive to be the best band that we can be.
We have always considered Drifters/Ground Zero our home and we always will.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for us
and I can't wait to come back and play again.
_Dylan Charest___Silence In Shadows__

Words can not describe how greatful I personally am
for you allowing us to play at Ground Zero
because that has helped me discover something great in my life.
Without that, I would not have found music to be such a huge part of my life,
so I thank you again for that.
Christian, without your support, we would have still been a no-name band
practicing in an attic with the only fans to our credit being the ones down the street.
You have helped me discover a true passion for what I do.
Best Wishes,

Hey Christian,
we all wanted to thank you for another amazing show!!
We greatly appreciate everything you do and can't thank you enough
for always providing a venue for us to share our art with the kids
and always having a show for us when we are on tour!
Thank you for everything!!
We can't wait to get back up there already.
Eric & MayOrWest

We fully understand how hard it must be to keep
an alcohol/drug free place open - especially nowadays,
but we are in full support of what you guys are doing
and I love the environment Ground Zero is based around.
We will fill any spots you need filled ever. We also try to bring
as many people as possible, which for us is challenging
on the account that we are from northern NH , but we do our best.
So thank you very much for the show ,
and if you need help in the future do not hesitate to message us.
Once again thanks!
Chris - The Breathing Method

Good morning, I’d like to commend your efforts and say thank you
When my teenager approached me regarding going to "Club Drifters" to see a
friend perform with his band I was, to say the least, a little weary.
As a parent, I did my due diligence in researching the club and any
feedback/articles I could locate online. After reading the article in The
Nashua Telegraph it gave me some comfort knowing that the kids will attend
an environment that is “child proof” but will still encompass the “club
Respect your efforts and appreciate your concerns for teenagers.

We never know what God is doing in our lives and with those around us.
They see the light in us sometimes and we never even know it.
Only heaven will reveal all of the work that the Lord has done through us,
keep being faithful with what you see to do and feel to do
and always be willing for Him to adjust you and your vision.
Keep trusting Him and He will direct your steps.
Just know that we are all in this together and we are with you, no matter what.
Give Starr and the kids our love.
Much love in Him Always,

Hey Christian!
I just wanted to let you know that our scene,
and music in general needs people like you and your wife.
Every person who has ever played at Drifters or Ground Zero
should feel privelaged to have been a part of something so great.
Those are the only two venues of yours, we've ever played,
but I'm sure the rest were great as well :-)

- The Vallon Dudes

really christian , we cannot thank you enough for letting us play at drifters,
we would NOT have the following we have today if it wasn't for drifters,
and i just want to say thanks for getting us on shows there,
like the chiodos show , that was one of the best shows ever! .
i cant wait to play the new drifters!, thanks.
trevor - OUR LAST NIGHT.

Hey guys, This is Josh's friend TJ. I just wanted to let you guys know how much fun
I've had in the little amount of time I've been able to experience Drifters.
Drifters has always had a great atmosphere,
and you always seem to have the best kids in there.
There was not one time I went where I didnt leave smiling or unable to say I enjoyed myself.
I also appreciate how much you guys really care about the bands and the kids.
You guys are awesome, and I just wanted to get it out there before
everyone else does and youre swamped with it, but i love Drifters,
and you guys are truly amazing.
And no matter what happens in the coming months I wish you all the best.

Since I've started dealing with you, I consider working with you
before working with any other venue in the new england area. I always
come to you first because I respect and support what you do.
If there's anything I can do to help you guys out with your current
problems , Just let me know.
Jim Wilbourne
Red Rover Records & Booking

Hey Christian, It was very nice seeing you again. Thanks for inviting me to play, i had a great time.
I hope everything works out well with you because you guys have a great thing going for teens.
More power to you and let me know if there is something I can do to help.

I hope all is well for you guys
love, d - MY LAST FLIGHT.

That's awesome. I've been working hard to market and promote this show and
just hope to get as many people there as I possibly can. It will be good for those who
haven't been to Drifter's before to come out for the show and might get them to
come back for more shows. Because you guys make so many sacrifices to keep Drifter's
going you deserve to continue to build your number of followers and keep this place going.
New England needs you.

Hey Christian, I just wanted to send you a thank you for allowing us to play at your venue last Saturday.
It really meant a lot to us and we are really grateful for people like yourself for
letting bands get out there and play. We had a lot of fun and would love to play your venue again.
If you ever need any bands to ever play or anything else just let us know.
Thank You very much,
Andrew and Far From Distant

hey christian just sayin hi and thanks again for booking us on sinco de maio. we had a lot of fun and it was great to see you and your family again. please pardon our lack of organization and so forth...twas a hectic weekend. hope it was a good birthday show! oh...and...nice beard!! BAHAHAHA!! seriously though i really dig the new fuzz. let me know about the future of drifters when word finds its way. take care, gabe

you guys run a pretty sweet establishment. it would be sad to see it go the way eclipse did. concord has never been the same since you guys left :( i pray that drifters can keep it's location or at least find somewhere else to bring the ruckus! take care, gabe

thanks you so much christian! this means a lot to us to be playing this big show!.....
and we are praying for u....cuz we dont want u guys to close!!!!! we love you dude
if ud like to have us play again sometimes just let us know we are always willing to
support drifters we love you guys
in Christ,

In all honesty, even though we don't share the same ideas we truly respect your beliefs
and even more respect what you are doing for the local music community.
Your giving us bands a home and a place to remember.
I really hope we can play at your club again because it's an awesome place and we had a lot of fun.

my final project for computers was on your club and i hope you like it , MARISSA

Thank you so much for having us, we thought it was great.
Thank you for the kind words on the new lineup,
it was definitely the confidence boost that we needed to get this new bit moving.
I'm glad you dig the shirts, we're big fans of the designs as well!
Thanks again for everything and please keep us posted with the new space.
Good luck with everything!

Hey guys, This email isn't about booking a band, nor unfortunately is it about donating any money (though I wish it could be), I just wanted to let you guys know that I think it's great what you're doing. My boyfriends band is with you guys today (Quick To Surrender) I was looking at the places he'll be playing and I think the venue you set up there sounds great. I also love the way you guys presented yourself in your 'About Us'. Currently our youth group, here in CT, is trying to double as a venue. We had a crazy show last night, and I don't know if we'll be able to find a balance between getting kids to come out and keeping some moral values intact. It seems that though you are not a youth group you've been able to achieve that. If you get a chance to reply to this with some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know I think what you're doing is great, and whether you feel it or not, I'm positive your light is shining. My prayers are with you. Meredith Woods

Dude I'm so happy that you have this support, I was so glad to get your voicemail,
and I shared it with the guys. All of us have the utmost respect for you and what you do.
Keep on doing it please for as long as you can.
Patrick Bosse / THE JONAH VEIL.

thanks for letting us play on saturday!. Ground Zero is hands down our favorite venue to play at.
Thanks again for letting us play and keeping the metal and hardcore scene alive. It means a lot to us!

-Bijan, Steve, Alex and Pat from My Missing Half


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